To register your school’s Psych Cup team, please navigate to the “Quick Registration” page.

New Hampshire colleges and universities are invited to enter teams in the New Hampshire Psychological Association’s PsychCup Game.   PsychCup is held as part of the annual NHPA Academic Convention.

What is PsychCup?
PsychCup is a game for teams of undergraduate students in Psychology.  Teams play to determine who can answer the most psychology trivia questions.

Teams of undergraduate students from any New Hampshire college or university.  Team members must not have completed the baccalaureate degree nor have taken graduate level courses in Psychology (except 500-level courses open to undergraduates).  Students must be enrolled full-time during the current semester at the school represented.  Team membership is open to students from all disciplines; however, individual institutions may be more restrictive, at their discretion.

A team consists of four members, one alternate, and a coach.  Coaches may be faculty members or currently enrolled graduate students.  Upon request, NHPA will endeavor to assist schools in developing teams  and in placing individual students in need of teammates.

Please click on the link below for Psych Cup rules