Poster Session

Psychology undergraduate and graduate students from around the state are invited to present posters of their original research.  Presenters of three research projects will receive recognition on the basis of project quality, creativity, difficulty, and quality of oral discussion. Priority in judging will be given to projects that reflect a high level of student initiative.  Not presenting? Come and see the type of cutting-edge research being done by NH students.

Poster display formats:

Presenters- please indicate your choice of poster display format on the convention registration/poster abstract submission form available under “Quick Registration”.

Submission deadline:

Tripod stand – Tripod stands include a stiff backing to which posters may be attached.

Trifold table top– Trifold posters can stand up on their own on provided tables.

Please refer to our poster guidelines as you create your poster.  Recommended poster size is 32 x 40 but you may use the size required at your school or by your adviser.  If you are still completing data collection or analysis, your submission may describe your expected results.