Hon. John Broderick is senior director for public affairs at Dartmouth-Hitchcock and former Chief Justice of the NH Supreme Court and Dean of UNH Law School.    He will speak about the 5 signs of mental illness and the Campaign to Change Direction, an organization with the mission of changing the culture of mental health in America

 Aaron Nelson, Ph.D. is Chief of Psychology and Neuropsychology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School.   His research interests include aging and memory, epilepsy, and dementia.  Dr. Nelson maintains a part-time private practice in clinical neuropsychology and  is neuropsychology consultant for the Boston Bruins.

Shannon Bader, Ph.D,  ABPP,  is a clinical psychologist board certified in forensic psychology.  Since 2015 she has been the Chief of Forensic Evaluations for the State of NH overseeing all pre-trial evaluations ordered by criminal court judges.   Before coming to NH she treated male patients in California’s largest forensic hospital, and researched violence patterns and implemented violence reduction strategies in the state hospital system.